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The safety of foodstuffs in packaging printing has become increasingly important. A number of regulations, directives and norms apply for packaging in direct or indirect contact to foodstuffs. Production has to comply with good manufacturing practice; there are migration limits to be considered.

Thus, printers and their suppliers are faced with ever more stringent demands. The one bringing a packaging into circulation carries responsibility to fulfil all legal requirements. This also includes the correct choice of materials in use, such as inks and coatings

FoodSafe coatings from ACTEGA fulfil applicable food packaging regulations. They fall below the global migration limit of 60mg/kg (EU cube model). FoodSafe coatings are certified for the direct contact to dry and fatty foodstuffs.

They have been tested by an accredited testing laboratory. FoodSafe coatings correspond to the Swiss Ordinance. They only contain those raw materials specified in the positive list (SR 817.023.21). FoodSafe coatings do without unrequested constitutional components, such as mineral oils (MOSH, MOAH), heavy metals and phthalates.

Non-compliant food packaging may lead to expensive product recalls and image damages if detected by supervisory authorities or consumer organisations. In order to achieve more safety for both food packaging printers and brand owners, FoodSafe combines all requirements that are made on coatings for legally compliant food packaging. Thus, you meet your high quality standards and you are able to satisfy your customers.


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