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„We focus on food packaging safety…“

Dr. Hans-Michael Lenz, Head of QC, Environment and Product Safety, ACTEGA Terra GmbH

„With FoodSafe, we fulfil all requirements made on coatings for legally compliant food packaging. We focus on the highest security level and offer our customers both tested and certified coating quality."

The safety of foodstuffs in packaging printing has become increasingly important. There are many regulations, guidelines and norms to be considered in this context. For example, raw materials must fulfil defined purity criteria. You have to ensure conformity with migration limits. At all levels of the supply chain, it is important to guarantee the traceability of materials used. Production has to comply with good manufacturing practice. Last but not least, quality assurance and quality control systems must be established.  

The analysis, if an overall packaging is suitable for the designated filling good, rests upon the responsibility of those who bring this packaging into circulation. This also includes the appropriate choice of raw materials as these products must correspond to established specifications and to applicable law.

Anyway, non-compliant food packaging may lead to expensive product recalls and image problems if discovered by supervisory authorities or consumer organisations.

Thus, it became the objective to create a product portfolio of coatings especially dedicated to food packaging printing. Coatings should be suitable for direct food contact applications. Also, a clear identification feature was needed in order to achieve a distinct product differentiation.

Not only low migration, but the fulfilment of applicable food packaging regulations. For a definite classification, coatings for food packaging have been marked with the addition FoodSafe in their product name. FoodSafe coatings fulfil three quality attributes at the same time.

  • FoodSafe coatings are characterised by low migration. They fall below the global migration limit of 60mg/kg (EU cube model).
  • FoodSafe coatings have been tested by accredited testing laboratories and are certified for the direct contact to dry and fatty foodstuffs.
  • FoodSafe coatings correspond to the Swiss Ordinance. They only contain those raw materials that are specified in the positive list (SR 817.023.21).

Moreover, FoodSafe coatings do without unrequested constitutional components such as mineral oils (MOSH, MOAH), heavy metals and phthalates. They are characterised by low odour. All FoodSafe coatings are waterbased. UV coatings do not fulfil the strict requirements made on FoodSafe (e.g. direct food contact); thus, they are not part of the product portfolio.

FoodSafe combines all requirements that are made on coatings for legally compliant food packaging. By means of FoodSafe, printers fulfil the strict requirements of their customers.

They act in accordance to law and focus on the highest security level. With certified FoodSafe coatings, printers boost confidence in their printed products. For more information, please click here.


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