ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


Primers take over the function of an adhesive agent between substrate and a subsequent finishing. For different applications, special primers have been developed which principally enable the finishing or clearly contribute to the improvement of results.

ACTEGA Terra offers primers for the inline UV varnishing on conventional inks (double coating unit) and the offline UV application. Also for foil lamination, bronzing and the printing in a second process, high-performance primers are available.

The primer provides for a consistent surface tension. An absorption of the finishing material into the substrate is prevented to a large extent. Additionally, primers offer many advantages that enable a trouble-free further processing: minimization of blocking, minimization of powder application, no scratching.

In order to prevent an extreme absorption of the printing inks into the substrate, TerraWet primers are also used with regard to the grounding for printing inks. The substrate is upvalued, a better printing image can be realised and the relation of adhesion between substrate and printing inks is improved. For your individual requirements, we develop the suitable primer. Contact us.