ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Calender Coatings

Calender coatings are designed for maximum gloss. They beat UV coatings with regard to gloss and are similar to a foil lamination. In addition, they convince by means of their odour and taste neutrality.

Calender coatings can be processed in sheet-fed offset (coating unit), in an offline coating machine and out of a calender (coating unit before calender). During the calendering, the printed product runs through a calender in a subordinate production step. Between the heated calender cylinders (alternatively band calenders) the coating is melted. The surfaces are optimally polished by the simultaneously applied pressure. Through this smoothing, the coating develops the highest level of gloss.

TerraWet calender coatings are the first selection if maximum gloss should be combined with optimal sensoric results. They stand for a very good running behaviour and optimal surfaces.