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TerraWet® Waterbased Coatings

TerraWet waterbased coatings protect the printed product, provide a fast further processing, give the right finishing and extend the printed product by valuable functions.

Waterbased coatings (also called dispersion coatings) dry physically by means of the absorption of the coating into the substrate and the evaporation of water. This drying is achieved through hot air and infrared. With the drying, water is extracted from the coating. The polymer particles approach each other and form the coating film. Waterbased coatings, as a result of their many advantages, have become the leading technology in the printing industry: environmentally friendly, odorless, tasteless, no yellowing and reduction of spray powder.

TerraWet waterbased coatings are leading on the market due to their quality and strength in innovation. The high-performance recipes are continuously being developed to a high level. Employed extensively and proven in practice, TerraWet waterbased coatings offer excellent processing capabilities, particularly high application safety and conformity with legal regulations. TerraWet waterbased coatings are based on carefully selected and tested raw materials. Dispersions of acrylate and styrene acrylate polymers and alkaline-neutralized´resins form the basic framework of the coating. These components guarantee that the required coating film is formed. The correct filming between the substrate and the coating particles, as well as between the coating particles with respect to each other, is achieved by innovative wettingagents. High performance waxes provide for scuff resistance. Additives control properties in a defined way, such as for example foaming characteristics and slip properties. Finally the water takes over the function of the solution.

The combination and the interaction of the individual elements provide the coating with the required character. TerraWet waterbased coatings ensure that both the required coating characteristics (e.g. high gloss) as well as the problem-free processing in the coating unit (e.g. drying) is fulfilled.

TerraWet stands for a broad product programme of waterbased coatings for the printing industry. This section gives an overview of selected coatings out of this programme. On demand, we develop individual coatings according to your requirements. Please contact us.