ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Coatings for Pressure Sensitive Labels

Whether for the end-uses food, household or personal care - pressure sensitive labels are part of our everyday life. Their requirement profiles are equally diversified. Here you can find selected product solutions out of our new portfolio for overprint varnishes. 

  • LED-UV: Whether glossy or matt, these coatings are characterized by a high reactivity as well as the very good flow-out. They cure with LED UV lamps and can be applied both inline and offline over LED UV inks. One of the gloss coatings is glueable and suitable for hot foil stamping. All products show a low tendency to yellowing. 
  • UV „FoodClass“: These UV-based coatings can be used in the indirect contact to foodstuffs. Thus, the TerraGloss UV Special Varnish G 8/389 FoodClass complies to the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles in Contact with Food (SR 817.023.21) as well as the Nestlé "Guidance Note on Packaging Inks“ (exception: microwave/oven applications). It is formulated free of benzophenone, shows a high gloss as well as a very good flow-out.
  • High chemical resistance: In the area of chemically aggressive filling goods, such as detergents or methylated spirit, we recommend the TerraGloss UV Special Varnish G 8/366 NVK. Whether coated paper or foil, this gloss coating can be applied on various substrates. 
  • Allrounder: Characterized by an all-around durability is the TerraGloss UV Special Varnish G 8/365 NVK. This product is formulated free of benzophenone and amine. The coating shows a good gloss, a good flow-out as well as a high reactivity. 
  • Effects: You are looking for special effects? Discover our product solution for the innovative hammertone effect. Or try the MotionCoat™ coating system which enables motion-like effects by changing the viewing angle. This is achieved due to a combination of the very matt MotionCoat primer together with the MotionCoat topcoat printing linear vector patterns. For outstanding matt and gloss effects with a very high edge definition.

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