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Primers for Flexible Packaging

Many applications in the area of flexible packaging require the use of a primer. It is the primer's task to enable the adhesion of the following layers (e.g. inks, adhesives, other film types). ACTEGA Terra offers a broad product portfolio of primers for flexible packaging:

Primers in Detail

TerraWet Primer G 16/140:
This primer can be applied offline on different substrates such as film and metallized foil as well as in combination with gravure, flexo, UV and offset inks. Also without a Corona pre-treatment, this product provides very good results. Due to its high transparency, the primer appears invisible on transparent film; on metallized substrates there is hardly any impairment of the metallic effect. This primer's speciality: the later printing with low migration UV flexo inks that - depending on their quality - do not adhere to every film type.

TerraWet Primer G 16/145:
This water-based primer has been formulated for extrusion applications of various film types such as OPP, PET, PA and polyethylene. The product is dilutable with water and can be used as an inline primer. It is characterized by a very low solid content, appears similar to a surface treatment. Also, direct metallization on film is possible.

TerraFlex Primer G 16/215:
This offline primer is suitable for the use on aluminum foil and aluminum compounds. The product's special benefit is the later printing with NC based inks in the area of wrappers (e.g. cheese, butter). It provides a high transparency

TerraFlex Primer G 16/216:
This primer has been developed for the later metallization and is especially suitable for the application on tobacco innerframes. The product shows a very low penetration behavior and provides a remarkably high brilliance.

TerraFlex Primer G 16/305:
This primer is used if there are adhesion problems with regard to conventional or UV offset printing inks.  As a topcoat, the product can be used on metallized substrates. It is suitable for the offline application and shows a very high transparency.

Special primers for digital printing

There are special primers available for digital printing. The ACTDigi Primer AQ240140 is used in the area of electrophotography (liquid toner). The product shows a very high transparency and can be used on various paper types, film, metallized foil as well as on aluminum foil. It is suitable for inline and offline applications. The ACTDigi Primer AQ240145 is a water-based inline primer for the printing with liquid toner. The product is characterized by a good flow-out, a fast drying as well as a high transparency.

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