ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

New Portfolio of Blister Coatings

A new portfolio of blister coatings is part of the ACTEGA Terra's product programme. Thus, the offer includes water-based solutions for the hot sealing against board, but also against PET, A/G and PVC. In this context, the TerraWet Blister Coating G 9/415 has been a proven product in the market. 

As a ToySafe certified coating, the TerraWet Blister Coating G 9/923 ToySafe has been especially developed for the use on toy packaging and other sensitive filling goods, such a tooth brushes. For the rearside coating of blister cards, particularly heat-resistant coatings are available, for example the TerraWet Gloss Coating G 9/305 heat resistant.

Also if blistering is done by means of skin processing or via ultrasound, users will find the corresponding products at ACTEGA Terra. Please contact us for further information or for your personal coating recommendation.