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FoodClass® - UV based coatings in food packaging printing

Packaging in the direct or indirect food contact must not transfer any constituents to food in quantities, which could a) endanger human health, b) unacceptably change the food composition or c) bring about deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics thereof.

In this context, we see the appropriate selection of all raw materials, as they must comply with relevant specifications and applicable regulations. In contrast to dedicated water-based coatings, UV coatings can be used for the indirect food contact only.

The safest way to apply UV coatings on food packaging is to provide a (functional or absolute) barrier. In this case, the folded box acts as a secondary packaging. However, if there is no barrier available, only suitable UV coatings may be used which comply with applicable food packaging regulations.

FoodClass® - certified UV coatings for the indirect food contact

ACTEGA Terra FoodClass is the product line for certified UV coatings in the area of food packaging. These are all UV coatings that can be used in the indirect contact to dry and fatty foodstuffs without the application of a functional or absolute barrier. FoodClass fulfils the following quality attributes:

  • Coatings correspond to the Nestlé “Guidance Note on Packaging Inks“ (exception: oven/microwave applications).
  • They are exclusively formulated on basis of photoinitiators that are listet in the EuPIA Suitability List of Photoinitiators for Low Migration UV 1A and that are part of the SR 817.023.21, list A.
  • They exclusively use higher (>2) acrylated monomers and binders.
  • They are certified by an accredited testing laboratory.

FoodClass® coatings at a glance

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