ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Anilox roller recommendations

The choice of the correct anilox roller is of central importance for an optimal coating result. Depending on the coating type, we recommend different engravings and cell volumes.  Due to a better clarity, the table below shows the engravings hexagonal and tri-helical. For further engravings (e.g. ART, TIF, CorrWave) please contact our Technical Services department. Preffered engravings are marked in bold letters.

Please note that our recommendations are guidelines based on experiences from practice. Also parameters such as ruling, depth, angle and the wall-cell ratio of an anilox roller determine the coating result.  

Recommended cell volume 
Recommended cell volume

TerraWet Waterbased Coatings

High Gloss Coatings 15-20 cm³/m² 13-18 cm³/m²
Gloss Coatings 13-15 cm³/m² 11-13 cm³/m²
Matt Coatings   9-11 cm³/m²  
Primer for UV Inline (double coating) 14-16 cm³/m² 12-14 cm³/m²
Primer for Offline13-15 cm³/m² 11-13 cm³/m²
Blister Coatings 15-22 cm³/m² 14-16 cm³/m²
Barrier Coatings15-22 cm³/m² 14-16 cm³/m²
Calander Coatings 16-22 cm³/m² 14-20 cm³/m²
Anti Slip Coatings13-15 cm³/m² 11-13 cm³/m²
Non-absorbent Substrates 14-16 cm³/m² 12-14 cm³/m²
Drip Off (low structure)   9-11 cm³/m²   8-10 cm³/m²

TerraGloss UV Coatings

High Gloss Coatings 15-22 cm³/m² 13-20 cm³/m²
Matt Coatings   9-11 cm³/m²  
Drip Off (medium structure) 10-15 cm³/m²   9-13 cm³/m²
Drip Off (heavy structure) 15-20 cm³/m² 13-16 cm³/m²

TerraEffekt Effect Coatings

Metallic Coatings: Letters    5-8 cm³/m²  
Metallic Coatings: Areas  9-12 cm³/m²  
Metallic Coatings: Areas & Letters    7-9 cm³/m²  
Pearlescent Coatings fine: 5-25 µ 13-16 cm³/m² 11-14 cm³/m²
Pearlescent Coatings medium: 16-60 µ 13-18 cm³/m² 11-16 cm³/m²
Pearlescent Coatings coarse: 10-100 µ 16-20 cm³/m² 14-18 cm³/m²
Opaque White waterbased10-13 cm³/m²   7-11 cm³/m²
Opaque White UV based  9-11 cm³/m²   8-10 cm³/m²

TerraGreen Coatings Based On Renewable Resources

Gloss Coatings13-15 cm³/m² 11-13 cm³/m²
Matt Coatings   9-11 cm³/m²