ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


ACTEGA North America manufactures the most diverse line of coatings, inks and primers in the Graphic Arts which is known for its exceptional runnability, consistency and cost effectiveness. ACTEGA North America's product lines and technology offer distinct advantages because ACTEGA North America has expertise in formulating aqueous coatings, energy curable UV, LED, HUV coatings, inks and primer solutions that ensure a high level of compatibility.

As a market-oriented organization, ACTEGA North America offers high-value products for six customer segments:
• Digital Printing
• Flexible Packaging
• Labels
• Paper-based Packaging
• Publication & Commercial
• Rigid Packaging

ACTEGA North America's strength is in the tremendous diversity of our product portfolio along with the high level of technical support we provide. Continuing Research & Development is responsible for providing cutting edge technology with the most up to date products which maximize runnability and productivity.

ACTEGA North America is the leader in a rapidly changing market. In response to changing customer needs, we have formulated a full comprehensive line of environmentally safe "Low VOC Products" that decrease VOC emissions.

ACTEGA North America specializes in providing custom formulations for specific applications. At ACTEGA North America, we believe in forming strategic partnerships with our customers by providing the highest level of product performance and technical support. At your request, we can complete a detailed coating and pressroom chemistry audit to assist you in maximizing both your productivity and cost savings in the pressroom.

At ACTEGA North America, the combination of quality products, custom formulations, competitive pricing, and high level of technical support enables us to provide the best Total Cost Solution for our customers to maximize runnability and productivity.

To join the ACTEGA North America family and our growing list of satisfied customers, please feel free to contact us and a local technical sales representative will contact you to discuss your specific requirements. We can also provide you with technical handbooks, technical bulletins and technical data sheets along with individualized training programs for your organization.