ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Environment, health and Safety


ACTEGA Foshan Co., Ltd. was awarded as high-tech enterprise of Shunde District by the authority of Guangdong Province. The company is certificated by ISO14001 and reviewed by accredited authority every year. Production pollutants are tested carefully and will not be released unless it reach the releasing standard. Waste produced in the production process, which cannot be recycled will be processed by certificated parties.
We pay a lot of attention to the issue of VOCs and started the VOCs processing equipment update project in December 2014. The project lasts for 12 months and finally got approval by the authority and put into use in December 2015. The update VOCs processing facility not only improve the air quality of the workshop tremendously but also contribute greatly the improve the air quality of the community.
Regulation on employee health is well set up and health lectures and trainings are regularly arranged in the company. Employees exposed to occupational hazards are required to wear protective equipment. Occupational health examination by certificated organization is arranged regularly and the health report is well recorded.
In a very sophisticated technological environment, safety plays a key role. This applies particularly to chemical companies. As of the last day of 2015, the company’s safety working days reach 1275 days. the total number of employees is 70, including 40 employees exposed to hazardous chemicals and 2 employees dedicated to safety management. Induction safety training and test is well set up and safety seminars are arranged regularly.