ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Our Principle

● Focus on our Customer

● Market-oriented Innovation

● Compatible with local R&D and "China-oriented” R&D

Founded in 1998, ACTEGA Foshan R&D team keeps developing itself and become more and more competent. To optimize the facilities and lab working environment, the group invested the Asia-Pacific R&D center in 2014. The R&D center is located in Shunde, Foshan, covering an area of 520, with total construction area of 1040. The center is well-designed to serve its function, including labs for solvent-based products, water-based products, TPE granulate products, UV OPV products and high-tech instrument. For more efficient quality management, the center is well equipped with sophisticated laboratory equipment such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatograph, UV Visible spectrophotometer, Ultra-pure water. The opening of the R&D center was the remarkable signal to present the official change of ACTEGA Foshan. The change of ACTEGA is for a good transformation can be onto an international company level, to lead technologies and provide advanced products for China Packaging and Printing industries, to serve excellent solutions as the market leader for customers.

As China's national enterprises continued to accumulate and grow, we began to experience challenges and crises. In order to increase the competitiveness of our company, since 2011, based on the original solvent-based metal packaging coatings business, we began to introduce water-borne and UV-based paper packaging technology from sister company – ACTEGA Terra. After several years of development, we have transferred and localized systems and local R&D generated systems, in combination to support and take advantages from each other for business development. Since 2013, the company turned the focus to TPE granulates technology introduction and a full set of German standard production line local establishment, and through continuous technical accumulation and familiarization to Chinese beer packaging market, we have successfully reached an agreement with the Budweiser group for a development partnership targeting on Chinese beer packaging business. We should be proud of the time in August 2015, Budweiser beer bottles in the Chinese market had all used our company's TPE granulates for packaging. We are constantly familiar with the market and deepen the internal reformation/change to meet the daily changeable requirements in a wide range of economic, environmental, health, and import and export demand.


As the root-source of the company's development, R&D is absolutely vital for that the mastered and on-hold core technology can lead the market. We firmly take the water-based, UV-based and digital on our roadmap for next step, we do believe that no matter whatever the continuous changes of China's packaging industry will be, ACTEGA Foshan is always going-on to play for the competition and to take active participation.