ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


The variety and flexibility of the ProvaMed materials opens up a virtually limitless area of possible applications. The special composition and choice of materials used in line with regulatory and technical standards enables the material properties to be adapted quickly and safely to the individual requirements of the particular application.

Properties such as hardness, elasticity, chemical resistance, gas permeability, etc. permit ProvaMed Compounds to be used, for example, to manufacture film and bags for IV applications or to produce tubes and components through which sterile solutions or bodily fluids can be transported. No loss of mechanical properties even with constant exposure to the medium in question further permits ProvaMed materials to be used as closures for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals. The permanent elasticity and outstanding sealing properties guarantee safe use as a stopper, septum, or cap gasket.

The specific adjustment of the surface properties allows ProvaMed materials to be used as a base material for handles, control elements, or keypads. Here, excellent feel and slip resistance distinguish the materials for the most part. Both improvement to the haptic properties of a product and the incorporation of design elements, therefore, become a real possibility.

ProvaMed’s highly elastic properties, excellent barrier effect, and flexibility means that it can be used in place of silicone-based materials to manufacture such items as sealing rings. Here, the thermoplastic processing of ProvaMed TPEs reveals their advantages in the reduction of cycle times and simplification of manufacture.

Excellent adhesion to plastics such as polypropylene, polycarbonate, or ABS permit so-called "hard-soft combinations" to be produced. Here, a hard and rigid base material is partially overmolded with soft elements made from TPE to obtain a smooth and non-slip surface structure. A wide variety of design ideas are thus possible in the fabrication of handles for surgical instruments, the manufacture of orthopedic aids (walking frames, etc.), or the design of personal hygiene products. The suitability of ProvaMed TPEs for contact with foodstuffs as well as their toxicological harmlessness allows products to be manufactured quickly with minimal regulatory effort.