ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


As one of the world’s leading producers of sealants for the food and drinks industry, we attach great importance to innovation and development.

The focus here is on individual customer requirements. Thus we work in tandem with our customers, with universities and with machine suppliers to produce solutions that are tailored to our customers’ demands.

In addition, we are in a position to adapt the scope of our activities at any time to present and future market demands. To this end, we have a leading-edge R&D department, which is staffed by 20% of the company’s workforce – a number far in excess of the sectoral average.

Last, but not least, our history and success are shaped by our know-how and innovation. This is why we at ACTEGA DS invest an above-average 5% of our annual total turnover in research and development.

Besides our product developments and investments, we carefully monitor and investigate new potential markets on a constant basis – because only if you look ahead and plan strategically can you hope to remain successful long-term.